Monday, March 23, 2009

Turkey Mountain XC Race Report

Special thanks to Glenn for providing a race report from last weekend's cross country mountain bike race at Turkey Mountain.

El Jeffe was in full force Sunday morning with James and Julie at the Turkey Mountain XC race. James brought home a very respectable 2nd place in the Cat III race. Most of you probably didn't know that James had a mountain bike much less can race it with the best of them. Julie, the resident mountain bike goddess that she is, brought home 1st place in the Cat II race. There were several Tom's Bicycles team members in attendance for the glorious morning/afternoon. They will remain nameless to protect the Innocent. El Jeffe was not in attendance but was later quoted as saying "Bueno Job". There are rumors that there is an OFF-Road Underground element to this Team Tom's Bicycles. Be on the look-out for signs of OFF-Road use.

Congratulations to James and Julie. Way to represent!

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