Friday, April 24, 2009

Recovery (Part 2)

I had no intention of writing another post on recovery but I stumbled upon this gem today and thought I would pass it along.  I don't think there is any new data here, but I thought this paragraph summed up the training process well:
An optimal training process is based on the alternation of training load and recovery in order to allow the adaptation induced by training stimuli to take place. Hence, it is of great importance that both the recovery days within the week (micro cycle), those within the month (macro cycle), and between the yearly seasons take place. Too often athletes underestimate this essential need, and when they don’t improve their performance, they usually increase training volume and intensity, thinking that is what is needed to improve. More often, this lack of improvement is due to the lack of recovery between training sessions, not because you are not stressing the body enough.

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