Thursday, May 14, 2009

Victory Salutes

Yesterday's picture of Johan Museeuw's Paris-Roubaix finish got me thinking about victory salutes. There have been some interesting ones over the years but I wonder, "Which one is the best?" Besides, it has been a while since I did a poll on this site so it is time for another one. So you tell me, "Which victory salute is the best?" I am sure most people probably favor the simple "arms raised" finish but that is kind of boring so I am going to leave it off the list. Other than Johan's "leg kick" there are three others that come to my mind--Jaun Antonia Flecha's "arrow", Alberto Contador's "pistola", and Carlos Sastre crossing the finish line with a pacifier in his mouth. Review the pictures below and vote on the right. And if you feel so bold, click on comments and let me know why you like that particular pose or if there is another one that should be added.

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  1. All 3 of these poses are cheesy. I like the regular old "arms in the air" victory salute. But my favorite victory salute is Big George Hincapie's response after he won Stage 15 in the 2005 TdF. I like that he put his hands on his head like he's saying, "Did that really just happen!? I can't believe it! All my work has finally paid off!"

    His amazement:

    And his happiness:

    And I don't want to read any complaints about George sitting on Oscar Pereiro's wheel for the last part of that stage! That was excellent strategy and George earned that win.

    Jennifer Brandt