Monday, June 8, 2009

Safety First

Before every ride, race, and departure from home, my wife tells me "Be safe." I don't know if she thinks I an an inherently risky individual or that she really loves me and wants me to come home in one piece. (Either that or she knows that I am a royal pain in the butt when sick or injured.) Whatever the reason, I find myself trying to heed her suggestions. But how many times have I left the house on a ride without proper identification? What happens if something bad were to happen and I was laying on the side of the road unconscious? (I is not an image I want in my head either.) Heck...I bet some of my own team would have a hard time trying to contact my wife if they needed to reach her.

Julie has recently sent out some information about a product called Road ID and I think it is worth mentioning in the team blog. If you are not carrying your identification with you on your rides, please consider purchasing a Road ID or similar product to have with you. Of course, I also ask that you follow my wife's advice and "Be safe."

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