Monday, October 5, 2009

Bus Driver is Putting Kids on Wheels

I read this article in today's edition of the Tulsa World.  A Tulsa Transit bus driver is collecting used bikes to donate to children in need for Christmas.  Asbury United Methodist church is helping to raise money for helmets and locks and Tom's Bicycles and  G. Oscar Bicycles is helping with parts.

If you have a used bike to donate can call 582-2100 or deliver them to one of these locations: Denver Avenue Station, 319 S. Denver Ave.; Memorial Midtown Station, 7952 E. 33rd St.; Tulsa Transit Administrative Offices, 510 S. Rockford Ave.

If you don't have a used bike, I am sure you can contact Asbury United Methodist, Tulsa Transit, or even Tom to find a way to make a cash donation.

I am usually skeptical of big foundations/organizations that raise money for causes.  It just seems like there is so much overhead involved that very little of my donation will actually benefit another person.  But I am touched when I read about an individual who is trying to make a difference in our own city.  Not to mention that I think all children should experience the joy of receiving a bike for Christmas.

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