Monday, May 24, 2010

Joe Martin Stage Race

I intended to do a real nice write up of the Joe Martin Stage Race that would do this race justice.  However, I found it pretty difficult to write a good race report.  I think this is because I did not race at this event and/or because there was so much to talk about.  My fear was that I would lose the audience before the post was finished.  However, this race deserves some commentary and I need to get something posted so that I can fill my loyal reader(s) in on some other--more current--activities.  As a result, here are the high points in a nutshell:
  • Bryan Fissel finished 2nd in the Cat 4 Men's Road Race
  • Ryan Bowers finished 3rd in the Cat 5 Men's General Classification
  • Travis West finished 5th in the Cat 5 Men's General Classification
My apologies to everyone who participated in this race.  I fully acknowledge that this post does not properly emphasize the amount of effort everyone gave in this event.

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