Wednesday, July 7, 2010

TdF 2010 Stage 3 (Spoiler Alert)

The following recap of Stage 3 comes from Glenn.  It is an entertaining read and an great recap.  For the record, I don't have a problem with cobbles in a three week race.  I think the winner of the Tour should be the best all-around cyclist and not just the individual that climbs the best with the least sucky time trial.

Cobbles, I love 'em and I hate 'em. The question is do they belong in a three week race, or save them for the classics? Talk amongst yourselves.

What a stage, my guy Frank hit the pave and broke his collarbone. Cobbles BAD I like Frank, he makes me look HUGE. ASO better apologize to Jens or he will attack and attack until he spins the world backward, goes back in time and destroys the ASO before they were born.

Chavanel looses the yellow because of multiple bike changes/flat tires. Cobbles BAD or BAD luck? Don't think for a min that he can't ride cobbles, he can Check out Flanders and Roubaix of '09 he put it down for his team. He is French, but rides for a Belgium squad. I say bad luck.

Saxo went FULL GAS and destroyed the field (looked like a classic). Cobbles Good Thor was in there, big surprise, Fabian owns the cobbles (really he does, he has two sitting on his mantel at home). Andy was glued to Fabian's wheel (tricky mechanics and tubular glue, sticky stuff, try getting it out of your jersey). Did I see a Rainbow jersey up there? I did I did see a Rainbow jersey. Where did Evans come from dude from down-under is killin' and no one is taking notice-- you better, this guy can podium. I will spare you the Contador/Lance line, you have already heard it 20 times by now.

Vino drops Contador (flat tire) in the last 250m. Mistake or Plan?

Ryder, Ryder, Ryder, there is something Canadian aboot that guy. Did you see the big hole in his jersey? He kept dropping HAMMERS out of it. He gets Caught by the World RR & TT Champs, and has enough left in the tank to hang on and then contest the sprint. Little known fact: Ryder was a b'dass MNT Biker.

Side Note: If Fabian was not babysitting he would have won the stage solo by 5min.

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