Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Rapha's Festive 500

Rapha is throwing down the metaphorical gauntlet and challenging us to ride our bikes this holiday season in The Festive 500.  The goal of this event is to ride 500 km (about 310.7 miles) between December 23 and January 1.  As I have stated before, it is a good time to get in some base miles, so the timing is perfect.  Additionally, spending 17 hours (or so) on the bike between Christmas and New Year's Day means 17 hours that you are not at home grazing on treats and other fattening foods.  The timing of this event is also nice as I have a couple of days off from work.

Since I am going to be participate in The Festive 500 I will try to completely chronicle my rides.  Strava will be used to track my miles (I mean kilometers) for this event and I will update this blog with stories and (hopefully) pictures.  You can check back often to see if there are updates or follow us on Twitter.  Better yet, why don't you just give me a call and we can go for a ride?


  1. Riding every day or are you planning on a day off (Christmas, perhaps) in there?

  2. I am probably taking Christmas Day off (unless I can squeeze a quick ride in between events). Starting Friday, my mileage will be (roughly) 80-50-0-80-30-0-30-30-64. If I do all of that I will have 364 miles (this leaves me some room to fall short of daily goals).