Friday, January 6, 2012

Ride Plans for 1/7 and 1/8

As usual, the Team Tom's Group Ride will depart from the Tom's Bicycles parking lot (68th and Peoria) at 9 AM on Saturday and 1 PM on Sunday.

We are getting closer to the race season, so I suspect that there will be some attacking during the rides.  If you don't feel like going too hard right now, do not fear.  I am sure there will be plenty of people looking for steady base miles.

Saturday's ride will head include Coyote Trail.  The "Coyote Corner" convenience store will be our first rest stop (around mile 30).  If the group is broken up, we will regroup here.  On the way back, some people may elect to return the way we came (Avery Drive) and others might elect to get some more miles.  The additional miles will be gained by riding the Wednesday Night Ride route in reverse (I hope that is what I have mapped).  

Sunday's ride will head out to Skiatook.  We will stop at a convenience store just West of town to regroup and refuel (around mile 25).  From here, we will head over to Lake Rd. and preview much of the Tall Chief road race course.  


  1. When do you post this weekend's rides?

  2. Unfortunately, I am not really on a schedule My goal is, in general, to get the routes published by EOD Friday. I realize that might not be the most helpful, so I will work on trying to set a schedule, sticking to it, and making it known. I have posted this weekend's rides...