Thursday, April 26, 2012

Ride Plans for this Weekend

Before I begin with this week's routes, I guess I owe everyone an apology for not posting routes last weekend. I went to Dallas to race and I forgot to post rides.  Hopefully by now, you know that the TGR leaves Tom's Bicycles at 8 AM on Saturday and 8 AM or 1 PM on Sunday.  You can always count on that (even if a ride plan is not posted in advance).  

I should also note that on the day of the ride, we may decide in the parking lot to take a different route than what is posted on this site.  This will hopefully be a rare occurrence, but sometimes we need to make that call based on some new information.  As a rule, it is always good to show up on any group ride with a flexible agenda.  

Now for this weekend's rides...

Wind is out of the North on Saturday and if you are riding with us that means you did not go to the Jow MArtin Stage Race.  This means you need need to get in some hill work.  

On Sunday, we will take a slightly different route that takes us close to Leonard.  We are not going all the way into town because I don't want the ride to be too long.  Hopefully this is a good route to get in some speed work.

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