Friday, September 14, 2012

Ride Plans for 9/15 & 9/16

After a little bit of a sabbatical, I hope to be more consistent on posting ride plans for the weekend.  I have to be honest with you, I expect a pretty low turnout for the group rides.  This weekend is the Bike MS Oklahoma ride and I know several of you are participating in this ride.  (If you are not participating, please consider donating money to this cause through one of the riders.)  Additionally, the State Championship Road Race is on Sunday.  Finally, there is a pretty good chance for rain this weekend and I know some of you are "Fair Weather" riders.  But having said all of that, I am still going to post some ride plans.

Saturday's ride will leave from Tom's Bicycles (68th & Peoria) at 8 AM.  We will head North towards Zink Ranch, make a stop at the "Hitch 'n Post" on Lake Rd., and then return home.  Total distance is 53.6 miles.  Here is the map.

Sunday's ride will also leave from Tom's at 8 AM.  This route will take us South to Mounds and then back through Sapulpa for 58.3 miles.  Here is the map for this ride.  

As always, everyone is welcome to join our group rides.  Our average pace is usually in the 18-20mph range.  During the season, this average is not the most telling statistic because we have some periods that are significantly higher than 20 and some periods much lower than 18.  However, the road race season is wrapping up and most of us will be settling in for some base miles.  This should allow for a less variable and more conducive group ride.

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  1. Thanks Jason.

    If anyone is interested in donating here is my page where you can donate - link.