Friday, March 27, 2009

The Day Before a Race

Can anyone believe this storm system that just blew in to Tulsa? I am having a little trouble getting my head wrapped around the predictions for snow on Saturday and the idea of racing on Sunday.

I wanted to encourage everyone who is racing this Sunday to put some time in on the bike on Saturday. Most training resources will encourage a short ride with some high intensity work to prepare your muscles and other systems for the next day's race effort without leaving you too fatigued. For me, this probably means about an hour on the trainer (considering the forecast for Saturday). I will warm up for 15 minutes, do a 10 minute interval at threshold, spin easily for 5 minutes, 5 minutes above threshold, 5 minutes easy, and then a couple of sprint efforts followed by a 15 minute cool down.

Find something that works for you, but I am willing to bet that you will have a better performance on Sunday if you do some high intensity work on Saturday. Just be sure to keep it short, refuel when you are done, and drink plenty of water throughout the day.

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