Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Guys (and gals)...sorry about not updating this more frequently or showing up to very many rides. Work has been really busy and it has put me behind on maintaining this site, riding my bike, and hanging out with the team. Hopefully, I will get things more organized in the near future and I can keep this blog updated in a timely manner. I am not sure that it matters though as I don't think anyone is reading this anyway...


  1. are you crazy, this site must be maintained!!! I visit it every hour and have it set up as my homepage.

    Where would we all be if everyone gave up when something didn't catch on the first time? That's right, you must push on with the website!! :)

  2. I like this site!! I visit it ALL the time to see if anything new is happening with Team Tom's!

    If its not to much trouble I'd appreciate it if we could keep it going. :)

  3. I appreciate the supportive comments. I guess I probably wasn't very clear. My hope is to be more consistent about posting updates and my apology was for the recent lack of updates. Regardless, it is nice to know that someone actually reads this stuff...

  4. This has to go on. We all need to get better at posting something, anything. Jason has done such a great job starting this project, we need to step up and help keep it alive.

    VIVA LA BLOG!!!-- El Jeffe

  5. Yo quero taco bell!