Thursday, April 30, 2009

Schedule for Saturday

I couldn't find any new information to share, so I thought I would just publish the schedule for Saturday.  Please be there for the team pictures and Tour de Tulsa and don't forget to wear your team kits.

7:00 AM On-site Registration Opens
7:45 AM Everyone should be at the start
8:15  AM Team Pictures
8:30 AM 10 Mile Family Fun Ride (notice the time change)
10:00 AM Training Ride

There is currently a 66% chance of rain on Saturday but I am not sure how that will (or will not) alter this schedule.  Regardless of the weather, I plan on being there for all events prior to the training ride.  If I am already wet, I will probably do some sort of ride, but I might not go for a one hundred miler (that sounds like a saddle sore waiting to happen).  It should be a good time and I look forward to seeing a picture with the entire team.

BTW, I think some people might still be waiting on jerseys.  If you have extras, maybe you could bring them with you so that everyone can be wearing one for the team picture.  Feel free to comment on this blog if you need a jersey.

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