Friday, August 27, 2010

Roll with a Good Crew

It's the Friday before Hotter 'n Hell and I already miss my team.  My season came to a premature end and I decided not to go to this race, but I am already missing the camaraderie that you can only experience by traveling with a team.  Primavera, Mineral Wells, Wichita...these were my favorite races of the year.  Not because the courses were killer, the weather sublime, or the results outstanding.  These were my favorite races because of the experiences I had with my teammates on and off the course.  I just stumbled upon this article from Embrocation Cycling Journal called Roll with a Good Crew and I realized that I shouldn't take these experiences for granted.  So to all my teammates who are at Wichita Falls, TX this weekend, good luck and have a great time and thanks for all you have given me this year. 

P.S.  Back by popular demand is the @TeamToms Twitter feed gadget.  Enjoy! 

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