Friday, September 3, 2010

Cross Training

For the most part, the road racing season is behind us and the truly dedicated are gearing up for cyclocross season.  The demands of cross racing are different than your typical road race, so your training should be modified to meet those demands.

If specificity is the key to training, then racing cross is the best way to train for a cyclocross race.   Those of us in (or near) Tulsa, OK are lucky enough to have a weekly cross training race presented by Team Air Assurance.  The first race is September 7 starting at 4:30 PM and will take place near the Skate Park on the West Bank of the Arkansas River.

In addition to the weekly training races, Mark Teruki of Teruki Training is hosting a Cross Seminar on September 12 to teach the basics.  Check back for time and location, or follow @TerukiTraining on Twitter.

Finally, you might want to add some specific workouts to your training week to better prepare for your goal event.  This recent article in VeloNews offers three different workouts to help make you a lean, mean, cross-racing machine.

No cross for me this year, but I will be out there with a cowbell and a beer to offer support.

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  1. I will be right there with you on the course beer and cowbell in hand. My season is over, and the cross season is my "transitional period". I however will be getting fat, tire that is. MTB season is fall and winter for me. Last year was a bust with all of the precip that we got and made for a muddy winter. I am hoping for a better winter and more time on the MTB. No MTB racing for me, just plain ol' riding for fun. So here is to a great season, and to a great cross season coming up. See you out on the trails. My new rig is getting built-up today, so it is Christmas time for me. HO HO HO