Saturday, December 24, 2011

Rapha Festive 500 - Day 1 Recap

This is a team blog (not my personal blog), so I wanted to write this from the perspective of everyone who participated in this ride.  Unfortunately, that is a lot harder than it sounds.  Therefore, you are stuck with getting this from my perspective.

It was an atypical Winter day in Tulsa.  Yes it was only 32 degrees outside, but on the plains, winter weather is usually accompanied by a bitter cold wind blowing at least 15 MPH.  On Friday, we had plenty of sunshine and relatively no wind.  I left the house on my trusty winter bike (a fixed gear with fenders and lights) and headed to the shop.  Here I met up with Travis, Mike, and Jess.  We continued along the river to the official ride starting point to meet up with 7 others interested in riding 500 km before January 1.

The route took us out to Skiatook where we refueled and then headed back via the Dam.  I hadn't been on this road since racing the Tulsa Spring Classic - Tall Chief.  I had forgotten how much climbing was involved and being on the fixie added some additional challenges.

I wanted to take some pictures but I was hesitant to take my gloves off and try to dig my phone out from several layers of clothing.  It was a great ride with some great company.  A great way to start the Rapha 500 and I look forward to more rides like this in the coming days.

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