Friday, March 30, 2012

Ride Plans for 3/31 and 4/1

There are so many good things I could be talking about on this blog and all I am doing is posting ride plans.  I need to get out of this rut.

The Northwest Arkansas Spring Classic is taking place Sunday and a large percentage of Tulsa's racers will be attending this event.  This means I need to adjust the ride plans accordingly.

Saturday's ride will be shorter in duration and I encourage riders to "open up" the legs a bit when the opportunity presents itself.  Just be sure take in a good recovery drink and/or meal within 30 minutes of ride completion.  Total ride is 38 miles long with one stop in Kiefer.  As always, we will leave from Tom's Bicycles (68th & Peoria) at 8 AM.

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There will be no organized group ride on Sunday.  As I mentioned earlier, most of us will be racing in Arkansas.  Everyone else should be in front of their TV on Sunday morning watching the Tour of Flanders.

Good luck to everyone racing this weekend and I will see you on Saturday.  

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