Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Some Videos

Team Tom's riders Seth Likens and Matt "Ewok" Wickett have been video recording some rides and races.  I am thankful for this because it gives me something to put on the blog besides weekend ride plans.  Expect more videos in the future.

This first video takes place last Saturday on Bixby Rd. Northeast of Hectorville.  Some of us waited for a dropped rider on the return trip from Morris.  We tried a rotating paceline to keep the speed high and keep our fatigued rider out of the wind (you never see this rider in the video).  Despite an average pace of 30+ mph, we never catch the lead group.

The second video is from the first Wednesday Night Ride of 2012.  Matt had to edit this down a bit so that it wasn't too long.  The team heads out after most of the riders have already left, so you don't get a very good sense of how many riders participate in the WNR.  But it was an awesome day for a bike ride and it was nice to see everyone in the parking lot when we get back.

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