Thursday, February 28, 2013

Group Rides for March 2013

During the month of March, Team Tom’s will be taking a brief hiatus from our normal weekend Group Rides.  The race season is upon us and, as a team, we need to re-group and work with each other on improving fitness, increasing skills, and understanding race strategy and tactics. 

We value the friendships we have formed on our group rides and are thrilled when others come out to ride with us, so please understand that this is only temporary.  Good cycling habits are hard to break, so we encourage you to continue meeting at the parking lot of Tom’s Bicycles (68th & Peoria) at 9AM on Saturday and 1PM on Sunday.  Hopefully, other like-minded individuals will be there anticipating a good ride.  Since there will not be ride leaders for these rides, we will use a standard route(s) for these rides.  All rides will depart together and follow the same initial route, but there are 2 turnoff points available giving you 3 different mileage options (38, 50, or 65 miles).    

We appreciate your understanding during this break and look forward to riding with you again in April.  

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